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Fun Hut Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream 

we named it, we fry the ice cream with our unique Fun Hut mix, by using our mix you can make the ice cream has extra crispy skin but still maintain the freeze of ice cream inside. Since the ice cream is very easy to melt, we need know how to control the length of time of frying the ice cream, under the normal circumstances 20 second should be enough.

    There are many choices of ice cream we could provide, for example Vanilla, Strawberry,Bluberry , Chocolate, Chocolate chip, Taro, Mocha and etc.


Estimated Investment Cost   : RM1200
Equipments                              : Fryer Machine, Freezer
Ingredients                              : FUN HUT FRIED ICE CREAM

Profit                                          : ~ 90%



 Pertanyaan - Fun Hut Fried Ice Cream