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Funhut Franchise

Fun Hut Franchise was officially launched in March'06 after having potential franchise in Malaysia. It has over 25th outlet in whole Malaysia. Our system is designed to make you money and keep your customer coming back again and again.
Gallup survey showed the success rate in between the own business and the franchise business.

Sept - Oct'97, Gallup survey show, More than 90% by the special permission of franchising say that their franchise can be considered successful or very successful. Of which 18% of people beyond the expectations, 48% largely met expectations and 24% basically meet the expectations. 2 / 3 of respondents believe that if they are create their own industry, they would not have been so successful. There are almost 2 / 3 said that If they have such an opportunity, they would buy or invest in the same franchise.

Practice survey showed the success rate of 95.5% from the joint venture, the success rate of entrepreneurship alone was 4.5%.
Features Industry of Food & Beverage:

Strong persistent. High variability products. Not a temporary success. The F&B industry is a strong history of industry, keep on updating the content of recipes, varied, consumers like to eat the more stable and not easily be eliminated or replaced.

High profit margin.
The profit margin for the single item from the F&B industry is higher than the general product, due to the profits of snacks is at least 200% and above. This is reasons why small amounts of income from the this industry can create a good profit. Computerized management to make simple operation, data of Information. Can be considered investment or practitioner, you can also take care of career and family.
Long-term value of the investment.
The equipment and raw materials have a long-term value, there are strong selling price of assets can reduce the risk of investment losses.( When the business not operating, the equipment can be discounted to sell about 20% -50% recovery of investment loss of low)

High stability, in line with market demand.
The new type of restaurant chain services are casual dining industry, increasingly focused on quality of life in the mass of the trend to import and integration of various strategic commodities. Such as the discount card, points card, pre-amplifier cards, popular and creative recipes, business services, etc. The new type of restaurant chain will be more to increase profits and competitiveness of the conditions

Low start-up costs industry
High investment cost of industry needs a lot of money, often about two or three million, the investment risk relative increase. The median investment capital industry (70k -110k) may not receive the same returns. Low-investment funds industry (60000 below) returns will not be less than the medium-investment funds industry. And the risk is very low, frequent small-capital cases of large profits, with very considerable profits. Therefore, only low investment capital industry is the most suitable choice of industry entrepreneurs.

The potential value of the industry
As the snack bar generally opts for a high population density residential or mixed residential and commercial areas or shopping malls. Thus, opportunities for contact with customers are relatively high with a wide age consumers range. Business services, coupled with a long time (about 12 hours), and through the computer application can make use of membership data-store marketing or customer service, etc. Rapid introduction of new products, success-effective, possession of industry development advantages
Benefits of Owning a FUN HUT F&B SDN BHD Franchise Schemes:
Be your own boss!
Nationally recognized brands
Established consumer demand
Fun, exciting work environment
Affordable initial investment requirements
Sound growth potential
Extensive, hands-on training program
Ongoing operational support, training and corporate updates
Innovative marketing assistance